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News stories featuring Dr. Brewer and his research are below. Media contacts and expertise are in the sidebar.

The return of measles. The Atlantic

CDC data shows the HPV vaccine is not reaching many young people. NPR

Kids’ HPV shots far from goal in NC, US. North Carolina Health News

Brewer to join CDC committee that sets US vaccine policy. STAT

15 Gillings School experts named to Clarivate’s 2023 Highly Cited Researchers List. UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

Pandemic didn’t lower parents’ trust in childhood vaccines. U.S. News

With new COVID boosters, Philly health workers are trying to expand their reach — but face new challenges. WHYY

Fall’s vaccine routine didn’t have to be this hard. The Atlantic

America is in a funk about vaccination. The Atlantic

A downside of the push to pair Covid and seasonal flu vaccination. STAT News

America’s self-created Covid-19 vaccine booster problem. The Atlantic

Lifting vaccine mandates. The Atlantic

Experts condemn Florida policy of Covid-19 vaccines for children. The Guardian

Florida undermines vaccination of children. Vice

Is Covid-19 more like the flu or smoking? The Atlantic

Gay people are more likely than straight people to get Covid-19 vaccine. ABC 11

The big question this Thanksgiving: Are you vaccinated? New York Times

Did NC’s lottery increase Covid-19 vaccine rates? News & Observer

GOP leaders escalate battle against Covid-19 vaccine mandates. The Hill 

What’s the best incentive for a Covid-19 vaccine? News & Observer

Swaying vaccine hesitant people. Financial Times

How therapists can address Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy. Verywell Health

Understanding West Virginia’s low Covid-19 vaccine uptake during a surge in cases. Washington Post

Will boosters discourage uptake among the unvaccinated? Associated Press

Mocking the unvaccinated. The Daily Beast

Vaccine incentives in NC. News & Observer

Making vaccine incentives more effecitve. WRAL

The politicization of Covid-19 vaccination. Washington Post

Impatience with unvaccinated Americans. The Hill 

What’s next for Covid-19 vaccination in NC? CBS17

Brewer received endowed chair, Gillings Distinguished Professor in Public Health. UNC

Club manager dies after mocking vaccinated people. Newsweek

Shifting views on Covid-19 vaccination. Christian Science Monitor

Why did Covid-19 vaccination rates fall off a cliff? The Atlantic

Covid-19vaccine lotteries. Bloomberg, Best Reads

It’s okay for people to have questions about vaccination. WRAL

Impact of a $1 million lottery for vaccination. New York Times

Hurdles in next phase of Covid-19 vaccine efforts. The Hill

Docs need to ensure that kids’ HPV vaccination is on track. ABC11

Getting HPV vaccination back on track. Becker’s Hospital Review

The million dollar jab. Washington Post

Incentives work. Washington Post

Incentives as a carrot. Marketplace, NPR

Hesitancy is not new. How Stuff Works

Getting conservatives to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Low vaccination uptake among the police. Washington Post

Will vaccine incentives work? The Hill

How to talk to friends and family about Covid-19 vaccine. Washington Post

J&J vaccine safety scare. Bloomberg

Understanding the risks for the J&J vaccine. BBC

Wyoming is now the state with the highest hesitancy. ABC News

4 things to know about the J&J vaccine pause. Kaiser Health News

Trading off risks of vaccines and infectious diseases. ABC 11

No one wants a fast vaccine. Bloomberg

Many who don’t want a Covid-19 vaccine don’t want any vaccine. Newsweek

Covid-19 vaccination awareness campaigns in the UK. The Guardian

Fear of missing out boosting Covid-19 vaccination. The Guardian

Catholics and the J&J Covid-19 vaccine. Slate

NC governor gets Covid-19 vaccine. Associated Press

New one-dose Covid-19 vaccine is a game changer. News & Observer

Brewer appointed to new Lancet Commission on vaccine hesitancy. The Lancet

Trump received a Covid-19 vaccine. The List

Impact of celebrities and politicians getting Covid-19 vaccine. BBC World News

Presumptive vaccine communication. USA Today

Answers to every Covid-19 question. The Medium

Why it matters that presidents publicly get the Covid-19 vaccine ABC News, KGO

What will it take to get people vaccinated against Covid-19? National Public Radio

What South Korea can teach us about vaccine hesitancy. New York Times

How schools can encourage Covid-19 vaccination. Education Week

What South Korea is doing right to prepare for Covid-19 vaccination. New York Times

What motivates people to vaccinate? Business of Fashion

Covid-19 vaccinations could use a nudge. Boston Globe [w/o paywall]

Covid-19 prevention is getting politicized. Talking Points Memo

Covid-19 vaccination may cause mild side effects, now what. STAT News

Preventing oral cancer with HPV vaccine. Cancer Therapy Advisor

Informing the public about Covid-19 vaccination. CBS Pittsburgh

Covid-19 testing in Houston. Newsday

Confidence in a Covid-19 vaccine. Voice of America

How to ensure high Covid-19 vaccine uptake. Science

Uncertainty around people’s interest in getting Covid-19 vaccine. Newsday

Vaccine misinformation can undermine uptake. Triangle Business Journal

Misinformation undermined HPV vaccination in Denmark. UPI

The burden of catering a dissertation defense. Inside Higher Education

New graphic warnings for cigarette packs will save lives. New York Times

FDA’s graphic cigarette warnings will work because they are scary. Washington Post

Graduate students shouldn’t have to cater their dissertation defense. Inside Higher Ed

Why is HPV vaccine uptake so low in the US? MedPage Today

Measles crisis will get worse before it gets better. Pacific Standard

What actually works to get people to vaccinate? Pacific Standard

Teen smoking higher in rural areas. Reuters

Ending cervical cancer as a public health issue. WNYTWILX, etc.

Brewer and faculty at Gillings included on global list of most highly cited researchers. SPH

Higher HPV vaccination rates needed to combat cancer. Pharmacy Times

HPV vaccine rates are up. WCHL

People can’t be educated into vaccinations, but behavioral nudges help. Chicago Tribune

Few smokers know about added sugar in cigarettes. WHBL

Many believe the myth that additives that make cigarettes dangerous. Forbes

Cigarette company tries to sell the idea of “safer” tobacco. NBC

How countries around the world encourage vaccination. CNN

Why people don’t talk about how HPV is spread. NBC

Rural-urban gap in HPV vaccine update. Stat

Parents more likely to support HPV vaccine requirements for school entry if they have opt-out provisions. NPRABC

New television commercials on HPV have engaged parents. Washington Post

Awareness of chemicals in cigarette smoke is low among US adults, even though many report having looked for relevant information. MedicalXpressScience Daily

Pictorial warnings on cigarette packs encourage smokers to quit. New York TimesUS

The big reason for the remaining low HPV vaccination rates come from providers who hesitate to recommend it fully and on time. NPRNew York Times, Huffington Post, and The Onion.

Low HPV vaccine uptake. The Guardian